AoS continues to be the idiot, red-haired step-child to the MCU. The MCU doesn’t acknowledge it, but AoS keeps making out that they’re bosom buddies. It’s basically Turtle from Entourage.

Spoilers ahoy!

Consider this, if you will. Every Spin-off from every TV show or movie has done its’ best to address the link to its’ forefather, and then strike out on its’ own. Angel made some references back to Buffy, but by season two, it was all Angel all the time. Even the modern CSI-clones and the Chicago (PD/Fire/Medical) all try to do different things. All spin-offs do this... except AoS.

AoS is determined to stay in connected to the MCU, name dropping and referencing events of the movies instead of referencing the events of... for example, AoS. But, because they can’t effect the MCU in anyway, these references are simply paper thin. They have no depth to them.

For example, Baron Von Strucker’s kid. What about this kid is uniquely or even impressively linked to Strucker? The answer is nothing. It’s just a name and a way to get the fanatics giggling about the illusion that AoS is somehow important, relevant, or necessary to the MCU.


The major disappointment of the episode was how quickly they resolved Simmons’ otherwordly plot. This means that there will be some counseling sessions and maybe she’ll betray the team to rescue others from the other world, people she couldn’t tell them about because of blah-de-blah-blah. For a contrivence which is so common, it’s a wonder why they had to make it up as they went along. You’d think during their summer break they could have thought of it... and then seeded it in, I mean, at all.

Hunter and May trying to infiltrate Hydra is moronic, as is the plan to kill Ward. They won’t kill him. It’s PG, at best PG-13 TV. Heroes committing murder is a complete no-no. So, all they are doing is whistling Dixie until they get compromised and someone has to rescue them.


The central plot involved finding the one guy who knew the one place in the world which had a conveinent removal roof to a magical lab which could activate the portal stone. Oh, and the ultra conveincnce that Jubilee could activate the portal herself. My five year old nephew likes telling stories and his are less convoluted than that.

One thing does impress me about AoS; the budgets. The sets, locations and set pieces are all quite nice. Of course, I think they could be put to some better use if there was a story somewhere, but you can’t have everything, can you?


Question: When Fitz asked for a light, did he really think that a Flare gun would help?