In this episode, we see a powerless superhero deal with a group of vigilantes led by an enigmatic cult leader who are hell-bent on destroying the city with a stolen bomb on a train. Wait, did I just describe the plot to Batman Begins? I think I did!

Spoilers ahoy!

So, Ollie and Felicity have gone off to make babies in Suburbia, leaving everyone else to fight the aforementioned bad guys. In said fight, they get Speedie and Diggle onto the truck to beat up some guys before Black Canary uses explosives to take out the back axle and stop the truck. My first question is why not start with that?

Then, another group of bad guys come along and pick up all the stuff from the truck and put it in a much smaller van which also has a machine gun nest which is taking up a hell of a lot of room.

My point with all this is... when they’re not riffing on Nolanverse, they make bad creative decisions.


Of course, Ollie and Felicity come back after some nauseating suburban crap and Ollie fails to propose. I hope all you shippers cried into your... whatever you drink on that one. They solve all their relationship shit with the team, leaving only the dangling threads which will form some plot for this season; namely how Speedie is all kinds of bad ass and murdery.

We get a flashback to Ollie being sent back to the island by Waller, something which has never been mentioned before, but I’ll let it slide. Not because it’s right, but because I spent most of last season complaining about their Lysenko’ing, more would be, well, boring. And there is plenty more to complain about here.


Namely Captain Lance turning to the darkside. He’s working with the magical powered Damien Darhk, someone who can drain the life out of you AND telekinetically stop arrows. First off, it’s good he’s not stopping bullets but... he’s stopping fucking arrows. Who does he think he is Neo?

Here’s a little world building problem for you; to be able to catch an arrow, you need to be able to SEE an arrow. So, this means that Darhk’s reflexes are so good that he can see the incoming projectile soon enough to activate his power on it. Clearly, he needs to be aware of it, otherwise the tranc shot to the back wouldn’t have worked.


Now, I don’t mind him being able to catch arrows. I’m totally down with it... if its’ consistent. If he can do it every other time AND if his accute super senses are used in other situations, then I’m totally down with him being able to do this. But, the first time his super senses fail him, I’m calling shenanigans on this shit.

Also... how did Darhk survive the explosion which was pretty weak for what was meant to be a couple bombs which were one grade below nuclear?


And so, someone’s dead. I’m guessing it’s Speedie. Why? ‘Cause it won’t be Felicity and it won’t be Loral and it won’t be Diggle. Process of elimination. Also, the actress playing Speedie is probably gagging at the bit to get to her next role, not realizing that this will probably be the biggest show she’ll be in... ever. She’ll go off, do some modelling, and marry well. Yes, she’s a bad actress. If only bad actors had the same option.

Before we leave this death thing, let’s not forget that next week (or is it the week after) we’re gonna be shown that White Canary is coming back from the dead. Death no longer has any meaning in a world with magical this and mystical that. So... why are we crying over the death of a character who, if the writers wanted can be revived? Death isn’t the end. It’s a hiatus.