Finally! It’s been so dead recently. But, look! Walkers!

Spoilers ahoy!

There’s been a lot of talk about why so many other post-apocalyptic shows, movies and novels skip the infection stage of the crisis. It’s largely been agreed that it’s because it takes stupid people making moronic decisions in order for society to fall so successfully and so quickly. In this show, we’re dealing with that period; the last breath of Western Society. This is a wonderful opportunity to make some new stories inside a tried and tested, and some would say tired, genre.

Unfortunately, this story not only relies on stupid people making stupid decisions, but it also relies on the people inside the world not knowing what they have demonstrated they know. Case-in-point is the military and their knowledge of how to kill the zombies. They are aware that head shots at the only thing which kills them and yet when the Horde shows up, they are either missing or hitting central mass.

The only way the horde gets to the gate of the compound is because of the soldiers/marines not doing what we know they know. Oh, and the fact that the chain fence appears to be bullet resistant. There should have been a pile of bodies at the fence, providing some additional difficulty for the rest of the horde. There was a firing line of seven or eight guys with automatic weapons.


Let’s also consider this; a bullet to a person in full body armor will stop them. Remove the body armor and the person will suffer massive internal damage including muscle and bone damage. We know that the zombies need their muscles and bone to move around and are hampered by injures and yet the horde are unaffected by hundreds of rounds of automatic fire sprayed liberally in their general direction. The horde was packed so tightly that every bullet would have had to hit flesh at some point.

While this is going on, the protagonists get into the facility, find everyone they need to find (Well, except the mother who died last episode) and get the hell out of Dodge. There was some genuinely tense scenes. Okay, well, one, when the Drug addict was trapped behind the security door. I must say, I was impressed with the tension the scene created, but then a little disappointed when the addict survived.


  • Didn’t they say last week that the residents weren’t allowed to drive their cars? Why wouldn’t the neighbors be surprised by/curious about a trio of cars passing by?
  • Why was the kid which can’t drive in the driver’s seat?
  • Why is a chain fence stopping bullets?

After the night turned to day awful quickly, the protagonists leave. Where did all the hundreds of zombies go? No clue. They found a clear exit path that, apparently, no one else knew about.


It’s taken six episodes, but we’re finally on the move... hopefully they’ll keep moving, but with so few episodes left and an achingly slow plot development, the finale’s coming up quick.