Blindspot is by no means original. Just this season, there are three other shows using similar models and at least two other shows which are hauntingly similar. Despite all that, the third episode was surprisingly entertaining. It’s still flawed, but if all you want is to sit down and forget about your day, this can’t be faulted.

Spoilers ahoy!

What am I saying? Okay, back to regular scheduled programming in a moment. Let’s deal with the good stuff. The episode plot was standard fare with a couple scenes leading the protagonists by the nose to a near-miss before bringing them back to the beginning. The stand-out contribution was Reed, who admittedly continued his “I don’t trust Jane” single note performance from the previous two episodes. Yes, that was the stand-out. Challenging Weller’s authority and detachment was a nice escalation of his standard contribution.

There was some good lines too, both from the same scene. The first was when Weller gave Jane his gun and he said he go get another one. Nice. And the other was when he was fighting with the guy for the gun; stabbing a bunch of syringes into the guy’s leg, the guy says “what was in those?” and Weller replies “I have no idea”. The direction of the fights was also nice. A little shaky-cammy, but still functional.

And back to the regular diatribe... everything around that was, well, it was what I’ve come to expect. The bearded man being killed? Come on. The identical tattoo leading back to Jane was a little coincidental. And the reveal that Jane is Taylor Shaw... yes, little Lab girl, you may have run three different samples of Jane’s DNA against the Shaw sample, but whose to say the Shaw sample wasn’t swapped out?


In all, very little happened. But, then for comfort viewing, you don’t need a hell of a lot to happen. All you need is for the time to pass in an as entertaining way as possible. While it wasn’t great, it was passable. And maybe, just maybe, that’s all you need. Me, however, I demand a little more substance from my televisual watching experiences.