This is why we can't have nice things

It’s damning with feint praise to say Blindspot is the best of the new shows. It’s a standard procedural with a faux mystery arc. And yet, every now and then, there are moments, just moments of being above the average.

Spoilers ahoy!

The moment in question came near the end of the episode were the team “McGyver” up a containment tent for the virus. Rather than rushing the package out of the building, risking exposure to themselves and others, they decided to “science the shit out of it”. Can we move passed how convenient all the materials were? Well, maybe.


I was also glad the guy turned out to be the villain, or should that be one of the villains. I had him pegged as the villain from the moment he walked in to the lobby of the CDC. There was, however, a complete lack of connection between him and Typhoid Mary, which is perhaps telling of how little time they spent on the case and how much time they spent going over the same stuff they’ve done for the pass three episodes.

Yes, there was plenty to question about the episode. First, the locker room conversation about Reed’s doubts over Jane’s presence was a rehash of the two different conversations they had in the last episode and a third different conversation they had in the episode before that. Reed’s very much a one-issue dude.

The introduction of a few other characters feels like they are throwing out more feelers to see how the focus groups react. We saw Weller’s sister and niece in the previous episode, and haven’t seen them since. We may never see the boyfriend again, but C’est la vie. The gambling debt is a little out of left field, but I guess it’s one way to expand the character in very simplistic referenced and easily resolved ways.

One thing I predicted from last week was the questionable nature of the DNA test. They said they checked three samples from Jane against the child’s sample. Who’s to say the child’s sample hasn’t been tampered with? From the evidence provided here, that Jane was born in Africa, well, apparently one of the tests is wrong and it’s a pretty good bet which one it is.


As I said at the beginning, it’s the best of the bunch, but when most of that bunch is rotten, you have to accept that I might be taking the piss. It’s not good. It’s average. It’s like we’ve lost the skill set required to make good Network TV, especially detective and SF shows. It’s a production line aimed at the lowest common demeanor and I don’t know about you, but I’m slightly above that. Slightly.

It’ll make it to Season 2, probably. As for what happens after that, it’ll probably die then or be given a third season to “finish up”, though that I doubt. Sullivan Stapleton can return to Strike Back with Philip Winchester (once the Player gets cancelled) and Jaime Alexander can go back to something else, I guess. She might be good looking, but that’s were her talents end.

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