More high school drama in this high school drama about high school students... with access to firearms and high explosives.

Spoilers ahoy!

It’s pretty obvious now that Quantico is made up as they go along. They are no foresight, no foreshadowing of events. Everything they need to happen in present and future (or past and present) time periods is made up for that episode.

In this episode, Parrish bonds with Asher (which they haven’t done before) and cuts her finger so badly that it left a scar still visible 9 months later (and yet, there was no blood). Both actions happen so Parrish has someone to go to AND has some way to prove her innocence.

They also make wild assumptions. Regarding the finger print, they assume that whomever is framing her took her finger print from the day she arrived in Quantico. But, what about any time before that? Why would you assume the villains took the finger print from the last time you were printed?


Also... and here’s a slightly major thing. It’s it a ten-to-one chance that they picked that finger. Take a small box the size of the brick of C4. Place your hands around it. Manipulate it. Which of your fingers is most likely to appear on the top (or bottom) of the brick. Answer, it’s not the index finger. It’s most likely the thumb.

  • How many days have passed since Booth was shot? Answer, none.
  • “We have a site load of evidence from where Parrish constructed the bomb” - except last week they specifically said that the site they found wasn’t sufficient to make the bomb.
  • How are they allowed to detain Parrish’s mother?
  • How long did it take them to get Parrish’s mother from California to New York?
  • From where did Parrish get Asher’s address?
  • How is causing high school drama with their psych-1o1 reports meant to make them better agents?
  • How many pages were on that wall? Did it add up to the total number of recruits?
  • Did they just run the same “I need them to think I think you’re guilty” ploy twice in two episodes?
  • How is the price for following orders a formal reprimand?
  • The “You make me sad” confrontation... I so wanted Vasquez to say “I have a family. I’m very happy” - don’t make assumptions, bitch!
  • “Special” agent just means they were an investigator.

More BS.