What happens in Vegas apparently doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Spoilers ahoy!

Normally, it takes a while for a show to step outside its’ accepted concept. It took a few years for DS9 to run out of on-station plots and introduced the Defiant to, amongst other things, take them to do some standard Star Trek Planet-of-the-Week stuff.

Sometimes, it happens much sooner, but by that I mean the start of the new season. The makers realize the concept they elevator pitched for the first season can’t sustain into the second and subsequent seasons and that they didn’t bother to plan for this during that first season, so they need to change things up.

Why do I mention this? Well, apparently it took all of three episodes for the Player to leave Vegas.


They are really trying to manufacture drama between the main characters, and that I really can’t respect. And why? They’re using the rightly maligned previously on and next on bites to tell a different story than they show in the episode. For example, in the next on, on the last episode, they shows Felicity Smoke staring down the scope of a sniper rifle aimed at the Arrow while the narrator suggested that she was going to cap him. This was so very far from the truth.

Snipes’ character is also inconsistent, but this time its’ within each episode. You can pick up parts were it looks like they did re-shoots, scenes and elements not exactly matching. Perhaps this is causing the inconsistency and perhaps its’ intentional, or perhaps not. I doubt I’ll ever find out, ‘cause my time with the Player is quickly coming to a close.


The other aspect which annoyed was... well... the sniper rifle. Or more accurately the antimaterial rifle the sniper used in the cold open. If you shot someone’s head with a rifle like that, it would remove the head. You’d have a hard time trying to identify the victim... ‘course that’s a nice plot in and of itself; using a rifle like that to hide the identity of the victim for a later reveal. Of course, this didn’t happen here, which makes it all the better.