The Flash is back and... I was really hoping to say “better than ever”. I’ll leave that to the hyperbole machine to say, ‘cause this episode felt a lot like clean-up.

Spoilers ahoy!

So, the singularity, which was created by the team, was closed by Flash and Firestorm. Unfortunately, this resulted in the death of Ronny (and I suppose the “death” of Firestorm - well, until Legends of Tomorrow comes out). The death left everyone a little shaken, but no more than Barry who decided to do his “Flashing” on his own for six months.

Everyone goes their own way and then... they all come back together. They hug it out, and everything’s pretty much sorted. The landscape is pretty much flat. What drama from last season matters to this season? Nothing much.

Wells recorded a message to get Barry’s Dad out of prison... I’m not sure why... but fuck it. After being released from prison, Barry’s Dad leaves the city.


The only thing which I can think of which is left is Barry and Iris. They know how they feel about one another... so... why aren’t they bumping uglies? What’s stopping them from making a whole bunch of Mini-Flashes, other than Iris’ career that is!?

Oh, and another Flash appears, though he hasn’t done any Flash-like stuff yet.

Okay, it’s a white wash. I get it. They’re setting up for the second season ‘cause the first season didn’t do that. I understand, but why another Zoom? Why another Reverse-Flash? Flash’s pantheon isn’t as spectacular as Batman’s, for example, but if its’ just another “who can run fastest” contest, it’s gonna get old real quick (pun intended).


It wasn’t a bad episode... it just didn’t have any forward movement. Hopefully, next week the season will begin properly and we can see what new characters they give us to obsess over.